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Credit Slab Testimonials

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy.

"My trustee he recommended I use Credit Slab to rebuild my credit rating. Now it’s been about 14 months now, I have my tablet and I’m watching my credit score go up a little bit all the time. I’m able to get loans now for cars and I just applied for a new mortgage and got it."

Bankruptcy After Being Unemployed.

"I was forced into bankruptcy after an accident left me unemployed for six months. I gave up everything including my great credit score. Getting new credit once I was discharged was virtually impossible. I bought the Credit Slab a little over nine months ago and I've literally watched my credit score increase by ninety five points! The program is worth every cent and its given me back my once great credit rating."


"I purchased the Credit Slab when my husband and I decided it was time to upgrade to a house. When trying to obtain a mortgage, we were faced with interest rates & terms that were not ideal for us. Credit Slab was able to help me build new credit while dealing with the old items to get them cleared. My credit rating improved significantly and our mortgage was approved at a competitive interest rate. I'm absolutely pleased with Credit Slab and how they have been able to help us!!!"

Hansen Family, Edmonton AB


"After bankruptcy, my credit score was so low I could not even open a bank account. After 9 months my score hit over 700! Using the applications on the tablet, I was able to find the help for removing all of the post-bankruptcy errors from my credit report."

William P, London ON


"I needed to get a credit card in order to pay for parking in my lot, however I kept getting turned down for a credit card from my bank. By using Credit Slab, I was able to apply for a Credit Card, and increase my score over 100 points in less than a year. "

Cindy P, Whitehorse YT